• Jewelry Choices That Implement Christian Symbolism

    Jewelry can mean many things to many different people. it can be a declaration of self, of friendship, of belonging, of solidarity, etc. For the religious, their jewelry can represent their faith in something larger than themselves. If you are a Christian looking for a way to express your faith, consider the wide range of religious symbols available to you.  The Cross Crosses are used in many cultures as a symbol, but for the Christian, it might be the single most iconic symbol for their faith that there is.
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  • Marginalia: Connecting With The World Through Pages Of The Past

    Are you feeling blah, blue, or blocked? Have you lost your creativity or started to feel disillusioned with the world around you? This kind of minor disconnect happens to nearly everyone at one time or another, and it can be hard to reconnect with the world. A way you can reignite the spark in your life is by going to a used bookstore, like pioneerbook.com. The Energy of Used Bookstores There's something about a used bookstore that immediately changes your view on the world.
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  • Choosing The Right Bible Translation For Your Bible Study

    So you want to purchase a Bible, but you're not sure what to do when you're faced with all the translations on the bookstore shelf. Whether you plan to study the Bible on your own or you're joining a Bible study group from a church like Church of Christ, here's a simple explanation of some of the favorite Bible translations. Some Bibles are word-for-word translations, meaning the editors have tried to accurately follow the languages of the original texts (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek).
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