Considering Making Final Arrangements? What To Know To Be Prepared

Posted on: 15 January 2016

Planning a funeral out may seem premature if you aren't elderly, but doing so could save money and complications if something happened to you. There are many benefits to picking out what you want ahead of time, especially for the people that you have to leave behind.

There are a variety of things to consider when figuring out your final arrangements. If you are worried about the costs, make sure you get estimates for the following things you want at your funeral.


Do you want a short memorial without a body so people can come and celebrate your life, or are you looking for a traditional showing so people can come and see you and mourn? Whatever you want is appropriate, and you can get a cost from funeral homes in the area to see what the charge. You can even get the cost for your obituaries, guest cards and more. Once you have this estimate you'll have a start to knowing what you need to save or plan for.

Burial Expenses

If you want to be buried you have to think about the cost for a casket, a vault and a burial plot. These are going to increase the amount that you have to pay for your final arrangements, but this is how many people know they will feel at peace. Call around to local cemeteries to see what you have to pay for a plot, and for the cost to be buried there.


Do you want an elaborate head stone, or something that is contemporary and nice? You'll need to start shopping around to see what kind of stone, engravings and other options you want, and then get the total cost for delivery. You may want to do a large headstone for you and your spouse, or something small and simple that isn't elevated out of the ground.

Once you have an estimate you can take out a life insurance policy, get a prepaid funeral plan, or find another way to finance the expenses. Some people try to pay for these things in advance so no one in the family is left behind with all the bills. Talk with the funeral homes like Palmer Bros Granite Co in your area to see if you pay or put a deposit down now, they'll assure that cost in the future no matter how long from now it is that you need to use your plan.


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