Jewelry Choices That Implement Christian Symbolism

Posted on: 16 July 2015

Jewelry can mean many things to many different people. it can be a declaration of self, of friendship, of belonging, of solidarity, etc. For the religious, their jewelry can represent their faith in something larger than themselves. If you are a Christian looking for a way to express your faith, consider the wide range of religious symbols available to you. 

The Cross

Crosses are used in many cultures as a symbol, but for the Christian, it might be the single most iconic symbol for their faith that there is. It represents Christ's death on the cross and thus the sacrifice he made to make redemption possible for humanity. You can find crosses incorporated in any type of jewelry you can imagine, but they are perhaps most popular as necklaces. 

The Fish

The fish became associated with Christ centuries ago when Greek letters were combined to make a fish shape. Over time, the letters fell out of use, and the fish shape itself became synonymous with Christ. It is a fitting symbol, in that Christ urged his disciples to be fishers of men and thus spread the news of his salvation to all humankind. Thus, jewelry featuring a fish would be ideal for someone embarking on a mission to spread the Christian gospel. 

An Anchor

Christ and his followers often used everyday objects as symbols for different features of the faith. For example, the anchor is a symbol for faith. In this tempest-tossed world, the hope for a better world in Christ can sooth the soul and provide the resolution necessary to fight the good fight of faith in the face of temptation. Thus, jewelry featuring an anchor might be fitting for someone who is facing hardships. 


Symbols can be combined to make a personal credo. For example, Paul taught that faith, hope, and love are attributes for which we all should strive for in that they are the sum of Christian faith. A piece of jewelry that combines a cross for faith, an anchor for hope, and a heart for love can be a fitting declaration of faith and a reminder to hold to these principles at all times. Such a piece of jewelry might be fitting after a baptism or another important event. 

It would be impossible to describe all of the symbols associated with the Christian faith. Suffice it to say that because of the nimiety of symbols, you should be able to find Christian jewelry to give as a gift for any occasion. 


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